Cathie Wood Responds To Michael Burry: You Just Don’t Get Space & Innovation

After it was revealed that Michael ‘the big short’ Burry was betting against ARKK and added to his TSLA puts, Cathie ‘long to the moon Alice’ Wood clapped back at the hedge fund manager with the classic ‘you just don’t understand’ argument:

In a tweet, Wood remarked that she doesn’t think Burry understands the fundamentals that are creating “explosive growth and investment opportunities” in the innovation space.

On the bright side, at least Wood didn’t add, “it’s different this time” to her response.

For now, it appears the flow is going with Burry and against Wood…

The question is – with taper on everyone’s tongue’s can the misallocation of gushing liquidity be relied up on to keep Wood’s dreams (and zombies) alive long enough to actually ever turn a profit?