CNN Does It Again: Says ‘Death To America’-Chanting Taliban Warriors “Seem Friendly”

No, this is not ‘The Onion’ or ‘Babylon Bee’.

After what many thought was mainstream media’s ‘jump the shark’ moment of narrative management by proclaiming last summer’s deadly, fiery protests as “mostly peaceful”…

CNN has turned the Spinal Tap amplifier of dissonance up to ’11’ as they explained to an American public (well the handful who still watch CNN that is) that despite the gun-toting Taliban fighters chanting “Death to America”, they “seemed friendly at the same time…”

As the reporter herself admits, while covered head to toe, “it is utterly bizarre.”

Bizarre indeed. We have no words!

It was a lovely day in Kabul, Karen, apart from the kidnapping of young girls into sex slavery, murder of dissenters, and repression of women and homosexuals.

And don’t forget…