Gen. Milley Claims Nobody Expected Taliban To Take Afghanistan In Just 11 Days

As President Biden continues to insist that he regrets nothing and that there was no way for his administration to predict how swiftly Afghan military forces would collapse, allowing the Taliban to regain control of the entirety of Afghanistan, after the US pullout, Gen. Mike Milley spoke at a press briefing on Wednesday to help cover for his boss, yet the president’s excuses are starting to contradict one another.

Gen. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, insisted on Wednesday that “there was nothing, that I or anybody else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days,” Milley said at a press briefing Wednesday.

He insisted that the Biden Administration still believed a takeover would take weeks, months “and even years following out departure”.

“I have previously said from this podium and in sworn testimony before Congress, that the intelligence clearly indicated multiple scenarios were possible: one of those was an outright Taliban takeover following a rapid collapse of the Afghan Security Forces and the government. Another was a civil war, and a third was a negotiated settlement,” Milley said. “However, the timeframe of a rapid collapse,’ that was widely estimates and ranged from weeks, months, and even years following our departure.”

See the clip below:

Apparently, Gen. Milley and his fellow leaders of the American armed services were too busy forcing soldiers to learn about CRT and making the military safe for transgender soldiers to address the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. That’s one reason why the Federalist believes Gen. Milley should step down so President Biden doesn’t need to.

Even the Washington Post acknowledged in its primer on “false narratives about Afghanistan” that the likelihood of an immediate Taliban takeover was in the intelligence reports.

Not only was the Biden Administration aware that an immediate collapse was a possibility (he just ignored the consequences and continued with the withdrawal) Even independent analysts were sounding the alarm in the press weeks ago.

Matt Zeller, the analyst quoted above, returned for a glorious takedown of Biden, his messaging, and the media’s spin, insisting that the Biden Administration was repeatedly warned about the speed of the Taliban advance, yet didn’t adequately prepare to extradite all of the Afghans who worked for them. “They’re telling them with evil smiles on their face that once we leave, they’re done…sometimes human rights have to be defended at the barrel of a gun...the Taliban are a modern version of the Nazis. Every Afghan we leave behind is going to be left to a horrible existence…and if we don’t get them out it’s as much on us as it is on the Taliban.”

The Biden Administration needs to get its narrative straight. Which is it: “there was nothing we could do” or “nobody saw this coming?”