Mercedes’ Stunning New 2022 EQS Luxury EV Is Set To Hit Dealers In Late 2021

Although Mercedes unveiled its 2022 EQS in April of this year, details on the coming luxury EV from one of the world’s most well known automakers had been scarce. Now, as the EQS moves closer to becoming a reality later this year, the automaker is sharing more about the car’s specs and its incredible design. 

“This sedan marks a major milestone in integrating progressive mobility with executive-class luxury,” Mercedes’ website says. 

“The heart of the EQS beats with the next generation lithium-ion battery, a sophisticated, high-energy density that sets a benchmark in performance, efficiency and charging capacity. The integrated navigation uses Electric Intelligence to calculate your route while taking into account charging stops, weather conditions and topography — helping to ensure your journey flows as smoothly as the EQS itself,” the manufacturer continues.

The EQS is a standalone model, Car and Driver reported earlier this year, and marks Mercedes’ first dedicated electric-car platform.

It comes with “a newly developed range of drivetrains, a battery promising a range of up to 485 miles under the European test procedure, and arguably the most advanced interior you’ll find in any current production car,” the report says.

The interior, from new photos on Mercedes’ website, is stunning:

Mercedes says of the car’s interior:

The beautiful design extends seamlessly inside the sleek interior, revealing the available Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) Hyperscreen. Exclusive to the EQS, this 56″ curved glass instrument panel stretches from door to door to seamlessly merge three screens. A zero-layer interface eliminates the need to scroll submenus or provide voice commands, as the most essential applications — charging, entertainment, phone, navigation, connectivity, massage and more — are available given the situation. Each seat offers an opportunity to interact with the vehicle for a unique experience for both driver and passengers alike.

The vehicle also has a Lidar-based Level 3 autonomous driving function and features a “cab-forward profile similar to that previewed by the EQS Vision concept back in 2019” and black grille. 

The manufacturer also says its aerodynamics best that of the Tesla Model S, saying the EQS has “a record-breaking production-car drag coefficient of 0.20 in base rear-wheel-drive form”. 

Mercedes says the model will debut at dealerships “in late 2021” and says the model will “forever change the perception of electric driving”.