Replacing Military Awards, Medals, & Decorations

Have you lost military service medals, decorations, or awards that you or a family member earned and need to replace them? Find out how to request for replacements and what forms you will need to fill out.

Requesting Replacement Awards and Medals

Generally, the military services will issue replacement medals for the veteran at no cost. This includes family members with the signed authorization of the veteran.

If the next-of-kin is requesting replacement medals there may be a cost. This depends on which branch the veteran served in, and how long has passed since their service.

The fastest and easiest way to request replacement awards is online. You can request by mail with the SF180 form and mail to:

All DOD Branches

Request Online National Archives

Where to write for medals

National Personnel Records Center 1 Archives Drive St. Louis, MO 63138

Coast Guard

Where to write for medals

Coast Guard Personnel Service Center 4200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 900 (PSC-PSD-MA)  Stop 7200  Arlington, VA 20598-7200

Cold War Recognition Certificate

All members of the armed forces and federal government civilian personnel who faithfully served the United States during the Cold War era, Sept. 2, 1945, to Dec. 26, 1991 are eligible for the Cold War Recognition Certificate.

To request a certificate, submit a form and a copy of the DD 214 showing at least one day of active duty during the specified time period.

For more information concerning the application process visit the Army’s Cold War Recognition Certificate webpage.

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