Taliban Collect Weapons From Civilians In Kabul As They “No Longer Need Personal Protection”

The Taliban were quick to humiliate the Biden administration, taking over the country just days after US forces departed, but now that they are fully in control, they appear set on pursuing one of progressive America’s core tenets: confiscating weapons.

Taliban fighters in the Afghan capital, Kabul, started collecting weapons from civilians on Monday because “people no longer need them for personal protection”, a Taliban official told Reuters.

“We understand people kept weapons for personal safety. They can now feel safe. We are not here to harm innocent civilians,” the official told Reuters.

Or, as Spike Cohen summarized: “Give us your guns. We will protect you.” – Every government that is about to commit mass murder ever.

City resident Saad Mohseni, director of the MOBY group media company, said on Twitter that Taliban soldiers had come to his company compound to enquire about the weapons kept by his security team. Very soon, nobody but the Taliban, which courtesy of the chaotic departure of US forces which let the Taliban take possession of some of the most advanced US weaponry, will be armed ensuring that no armed overthrow of the regime will be possible.